Decaffeinated Grapefruit

Decaffeinated Grapefruit is a Pittsburgh based psychedelic grunge band. Their musical expression is based on the surrealistic artwork of their vocalist, Tony Fisher, and the lyrics are written by Chris Boles. They enjoy playing music, and love the opportunity to reflect their sound, expression, and lyrics off the energy of the audience. The sound will send you on a psychotropic trip through unimaginable landscapes where the ends are boundless. Influenced by urban decay and postmodern philosophy, they seamlessly fuse psychedelic jam with grunge. It’s all subject to interpretation and up to whatever one’s ears decide it to be. View Profile.

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Jack Wilson

After a short stint in Baltimore and 6 years in Brooklyn, Beaver Co. native Jack Wilson is returning to Pittsburgh to form JAYWALKER, a live band with Billy the Kid (of Regulators fame). He'll also be releasing a solo album, and two collaborative albums with MC Kaotic Rawkus (Bk). Having started as a slam poet in 1999, Jack was a resident Shadow Lounge artist for the life of the venue and expanded into hip-hop with his first musical release in 2005. Since then he's played many stages and made many records with producers from Detroit to Paris and places in-between. View Profile.

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Lexa Terrestrial

Lexa Terrestrial is the being behind the full-fledged audio-visual Hip-Hop experience & brand. She is a singer, rapper & producer and also has a brand- "Electric Dollhouse" of mod but futuristic/Japanese style attire & accessories. She even makes custom Light up Bows & Bras. Her fan are intelligent and worldly. Repping Pittsburgh but has spent the past year making her mark on NYC’s music scene, and in that time, has become a recognized figure anywhere that outlandish attire and debaucherous behaviour is welcomed. (the Deli - Brian Chidester) Featured on the 10th Anniversary Issue of "THE DELI" The Most Popular NYC Music Blogs & Magazines for Upcoming Artists & Indie Bands. She is not just a visually appeasing artist - she delivers some serious bars, and often crafts very fast, and lyrical flows, opening for some legendary Hip-Hop artists like Hopsin & Jarren Benton. Who are known for fast delivery & quirky lyrical content. She was featured in XXL Freshman Issue (2016). And won 1st place in a Hip-Hop Contest in NYC run by Coast 2 Coast, which took her all the way to a Hip-Hop Convention in Miami with some of the biggest blogs & names in Hip-Hop. She performs locally in Pittsburgh & New York, and also at Festivals around the World. Those who have encountered her usually have a similar thing to say. She sure is a sweet heart for such a diva. It’s true, Melody really does care about people, and it shows in her live performances. She’s not satisfied unless she knows every person in the room is forgetting about their worries and having a great time. (Gobs the Zombie - Dead Air radio View Profile.

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MULU (My Unique Life Unleashed)

With a life's worth of background in writing and performing, Mulu enters his BLANK year of officially pursuing a rap career. Boom trap beats with poetic interludes and meaningful lyrics create a sound unique to the emerging Uniontown artist. He is preparing to release a new EP titled MULUXMOE, which is set to include five tracks. It will be a perfect way for new and old fans to get introduce to the music Mulu is making now that reflects himself and his values instead of one that just attempts to be music people want to hear. Growing up in a small town meant that most of his music influences were coming from family and friends. He style is evident of the wide range of music he grew up around from the Jewel to Sublime to Grandmaster Flash. He loved it all, but hip hop is what resonated with him and brought him to the thought of "Hey, I want to do that." Performing for family or English teachers his whole life has paid off with Mulu giving some of the most heartfelt, passionate and engaging live performances that fans of any genre would appreciate. His lyrics that pull from real life and his personal poems can draw in anyone and make them feel at home with is music. Different sounds and sometimes personalities can be found in his past projects, not as a negative, but a connect the dots to where he is today. If you are not already a fan, then MULUXMOE will be the place to start and begin to understand an artist that has grown immensely to produce an EP that is not just music but who he is as a person translated into lyrics and beats. View Profile.

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Hi, My name is Normal! I'm a conscious hip-hop artist looking to branch out and collaborate with artists of all genres. I aim to create good vibes and open minds. Stream 'NA Chill Gang' on soundcloud now. View Profile.

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STOV is the official shortcut of the name Stovallian, who is also known as Gene Stovall. STOV is an artist of many genres and is a man style and taste. STOV is best known for the album 2+2=5: Gene Stovall vs Geno Jive, available on iTunes and all other media sites. STOV is also works professionally as a vocalist, DJ, and sound tech that sings and does sound work for corporate events and weddings with the Bachelor Boys Band, 3 Rivers Entertainment, and Stovallian Love Cake. STOV is also a quality lyricist and performs in the Hip Hop group Alien Facez with longtime friend and co-founder Thelonious Stretch (David Hughes). The Alien Facez Mixtape "Erase The World" will release publicly in April 2017. STOV is also a songwriter and is releasing an album/playlist called "Mind Your Daydreams" on Tuesday, March 28, 2017 with the event taking place at James Street on Pittsburgh, PA's Historic Northside area. STOV is a vocal coach. STOV is a producer. STOV is a listener. STOV is an artist of the times. STOV is a statement. STOV is top. View Profile.

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The Uptown Woods

Catch us around the Burgh! View Profile.

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