Keystone Vibe

Keystone Vibe is a group of dudes that love to get out meet new people and get the good vibes rolling In any situation. We love that Sublime reggae mixed with some Tom Petty Rock along with the jam like Phish. Well e do originals and covers and would love to play around Pittsburgh and surrounding areas!! View Profile.

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Matthew Maraist

Matthew Maraist is a Pittsburgh based singer-songwriter, producer, and musician.  "What a beautiful mess we're in" is the lyric that Matthew has based his first solo EP off of and encompasses everything that he is trying to say in his music.  Matthew is recognized in the surrounding Pittsburgh area for his meaningful lyrics and energetic live show.  The Beautiful Mess EP will be released later this year.   ? Matthew is no stranger to what it takes to be an independent musician.  After forming the band, "Until Sundown" with friend Noah Razzano, the two gained over 2,000 followers on social media and received regional radio airplay as well as national recognition on music blogs.  Matthew now is starting over and is releasing his first solo EP entitled, "Beautiful Mess" later this year.  Matthew will be promoting his new album through live shows throughout 2017 and 2018.   View Profile.

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Perry Jones

I was born into the luke warm waters of American suburbia. I spent my childhood running barefoot through local woods, and roaming wild through the neighborhoods. Misbehavior and trouble followed me through most of my adolescence and early adulthood. Before my father died he told me I’d ‘been nuthin’ but trouble from day one’. (Still workin’ on a song for that one) I found an outlet of sorts for my bad behavior when, in my early twenties, I began playing music for a living. Back in those days, in the beginning, we played stuff like Pure Prairie League, Crosby Stills Nash & Young, Beatles, and too much Grateful Dead. I was pretty much just in it for the music, the liquor, and the easy sex. I got way too drunk, way too laid, and played too many shit holes too many times, but I had a helluva time doin' it. I suppose I should have been a little more serious about things, but that was never my strong suit. As I write this I can imagine being told that this isn’t the stuff people are looking to read, but hell, this is who I am. I don’t have to answer to a record company, manager, producer or anybody else for that matter. The music I write is a labor of love and the free self expression of one man without any outside authority controlling or censoring it. This is just the stuff that comes out of me; I’m not going for a “sound,” I’m not even trying to make it cohesive. Just trying to make the best music I can and share it with whoever might find it worth listening to. Oh yeah, I did a record back in ’87; the name of the band was Hellcats; the line up was Richie Ranno on guitar, Bobby Bender on drums, a dude named Fish on bass, and me on vocals. All the material was published Ranno/Jones. We recorded it at the Record Plant in NYC. View Profile.

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PM Mirror

Sounds kinda like if Neil Young and Frank Sinatra had a baby that made futuristic pop music. View Profile.

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Right TurnClyde

Not your typical Acoustic TRIO act. We are Pittsburgh's Best an Acoustic Rock TRIO. RTC brings you a different kind sound with a full sound with 3 part harmonies with a huge a variety of music incl. contemporary hits and Modern and Classic rock. There isnt a show in town like ours. Well just who is Right TurnClyde ?? Well for starters it's been a cast of real characters that have been great to play with (and boy do we bring the party !!!) Now we are not your typical acoustic act ... We're Pittsburgh's best Acoustic Rock Trio. .. We work hard to bring you a different kind of full sound with vocals and harmonies. While we have a large selection of music, they also like to take requests (except Free Bird or Mustang Sally.. just don't ) but we do like to make it a more personal experience for their crowd. Right TurnClyde has been kicking the door down at every venue they've played (dang that sounds cool) They have learned a thing or two by playing a gazillion open mic nights, playing in some of the areas hottest bands. It eventually blossomed into a full time music career with a solid resume to follow. Playing over 100 shows a year you can catch us all over the surrounding Pittsburgh areas. View Profile.

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Lauren "Shay" DeMichiei is a Pittsburgh based singer-songwriter and music producer. Her sound is part feminine folk and part alternative rock n' roll. Her music is an exploration of how people communicate and transfer their ideas of love through the sometimes uncomfortable format of the human condition. View Profile.

Acoustic Alternative Folk Original Singer Songwriter

Shelley Duff

Shelley Duff is a singer and guitarist performing covers and original music in a variety of genres. Shelley likes to put her own flair on old favorites. In addition to her solo performances, Shelley is also the lead female singer for The Move Makers and Dancing Queen. View Profile.

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STOV is the official shortcut of the name Stovallian, who is also known as Gene Stovall. STOV is an artist of many genres and is a man style and taste. STOV is best known for the album 2+2=5: Gene Stovall vs Geno Jive, available on iTunes and all other media sites. STOV is also works professionally as a vocalist, DJ, and sound tech that sings and does sound work for corporate events and weddings with the Bachelor Boys Band, 3 Rivers Entertainment, and Stovallian Love Cake. STOV is also a quality lyricist and performs in the Hip Hop group Alien Facez with longtime friend and co-founder Thelonious Stretch (David Hughes). The Alien Facez Mixtape "Erase The World" will release publicly in April 2017. STOV is also a songwriter and is releasing an album/playlist called "Mind Your Daydreams" on Tuesday, March 28, 2017 with the event taking place at James Street on Pittsburgh, PA's Historic Northside area. STOV is a vocal coach. STOV is a producer. STOV is a listener. STOV is an artist of the times. STOV is a statement. STOV is top. View Profile.

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