Perry Jones

I was born into the luke warm waters of American suburbia. I spent my childhood running barefoot through local woods, and roaming wild through the neighborhoods. Misbehavior and trouble followed me through most of my adolescence and early adulthood. Before my father died he told me I’d ‘been nuthin’ but trouble from day one’. (Still workin’ on a song for that one) I found an outlet of sorts for my bad behavior when, in my early twenties, I began playing music for a living. Back in those days, in the beginning, we played stuff like Pure Prairie League, Crosby Stills Nash & Young, Beatles, and too much Grateful Dead. I was pretty much just in it for the music, the liquor, and the easy sex. I got way too drunk, way too laid, and played too many shit holes too many times, but I had a helluva time doin' it. I suppose I should have been a little more serious about things, but that was never my strong suit. As I write this I can imagine being told that this isn’t the stuff people are looking to read, but hell, this is who I am. I don’t have to answer to a record company, manager, producer or anybody else for that matter. The music I write is a labor of love and the free self expression of one man without any outside authority controlling or censoring it. This is just the stuff that comes out of me; I’m not going for a “sound,” I’m not even trying to make it cohesive. Just trying to make the best music I can and share it with whoever might find it worth listening to. Oh yeah, I did a record back in ’87; the name of the band was Hellcats; the line up was Richie Ranno on guitar, Bobby Bender on drums, a dude named Fish on bass, and me on vocals. All the material was published Ranno/Jones. We recorded it at the Record Plant in NYC.

Acoustic Original Singer Songwriter