The Mixus Brothers

The dusk begins to melt away into the heavens, blending the horizon into inevitable mirage. Heat waves descend in the distance as two shadowy figures begin to come into view. One: the old timer, an axe in each hand and a scowl on his lips. The other: the bandito with a short fuse and a low gauge crowd pleaser slung high on his hip. Such is the beginning, and ultimate end of The Mixus Brothers. Sworn to avenge their alleged slights they travel the dark roads of an America that misunderstands and underestimates them. They're out for revenge, they're coming for you...and nothing will stand in their be on the lookout, Jebbh and Red think your town may be next... View Profile.

Tim Vitullo

Tim Vitullo is a bit different. A promising singer, guitarist, and songwriter, Vitullo decided to return home to both Pittsburgh, PA and his blues influences to record "Josephine & Assorted Train Songs," his debut studio LP. This comes after poising himself as an exciting, young jazz artist in State College, PA with the release of "This is the Thing!" in 2012. With his latest statement, Vitullo mixes the best of his blues, rock, and pop influences to present a dozen examples of "adult alternative album rock." Songs like “Josephine” are concise and accessible with a smooth delivery and a sly sense of humor. Ballads “Letters” and “A Different Kind of Blue” are earnest experiments in confessional-style songwriting flanked by dense vocal and horn arrangements. Further, burners “Interstate Jesus,” “Black & White Wonderful,” and “Pretty Good” flash the guitar prowess that has been Vitullo’s calling card since his earliest musical ventures. "Josephine & Assorted Train Songs" was produced, engineered, and mixed by singer/songwriter and producer Steven Foxbury in Pittsburgh, PA. Recorded entirely at Foxbury’s Yellow Couch Studio, the LP is a home-grown display of some of the city’s most promising young talents. View Profile.

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