Ples Jones

An electronic music producer and house artist from Pittsburgh, Ples Jones is known to work with megaminds in the industry including Stonebridge, Crystal Waters and more. Jones took his respect, admiration and deep passion for music from Pittsburgh to Washington DC, where things really started to heat up for his career. Ples Jones was privileged to learn from some of the best underground producers in the business. He then took what he learned from these legends and made his way back to the Steel City to perfect his craft. Ples Jones has performed at Winter Music Conference,, earning him a standing ovation from over 2,000 WMC attendees and music industry peers – this was the turn for the talented artist, and his talent was only going to continue to rise. Nearly a decade later, Ples Jones is still creating the funky and soulful deep house and electro music we love, channeling influence from Stonebridge, Roy Davis Jr. and Jeremy Sylvester – and more. “Keep it simple, keep it funky.”

DJ Electronica Hip Hop