Eleanor Walrus

Eleanor Walrus creates a show that pays tribute to the incredible repertoire of The Beatles while "re-imagining" these timeless classics, enhancing them even further. Their shows have a familiarity that transcends generations and appeals to listeners of all ages. Each of the band's performances has been widely heralded by the audience, leaving them searching to find the next Eleanor Walrus show. Coming together for the first time as a four piece band in 2016, their primary goal was to present songs from the Beatles psychedelic era onward, bringing together musical sensibilities from many genres including jazz and rock & roll, as well as jamband. In the spirit of the Beatles experimental approach, they will from time to time change some of the arrangements and instrumentation, adding extra solos, extending certain songs into improvised jams, and creatively incorporating different sounds and effects. Always with a great love and appreciation for the Beatles brilliant songwriting, while reflecting their enjoyment of juxtaposing disparate elements and creating something a little off the beaten path. They're definitely not just another Beatles cover band.