Byron Nash and PlanB

BYRON NASH & PLANB are a Pittsburgh-based 5-piece band who have created quite the buzz in just a short amount of time. The group is comprised of talented heavyweights who are all known for their high-level of musicianship. The band has been packing shows around the city of Pittsburgh with word-of-mouth about their electrifying live performances. After only a year together, PLANB - comprised of Byron Nash (guitars/vocals), Evan Thorsen (guitars), Philip Price (bass), George Barron (drums) and Randraiz Wharton (keys) - released their debut EP “The Late Bloomer” in November of 2016. The six-track EP is an introduction to their eclectic sound that effortlessly mixes blues, funk, soul, jazz, guitar-driven heavy rock with a singer/songwriter vibe. While they always sound like themselves, one moment PLANB’s music can be straightforward and simplistic soul, while the next moment, loud and aggressive rock-and-roll with some gospel chops thrown in for good measure. Even with various music styles, the group has a tight and cohesive sound that has the ability to satisfy the rock fan all the way down to the jazz fan, all while taking the listener on a colorful, musical journey.